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Why Server Performance is Crucial for a Good User Experience?

Website owners can now turn to cloud hosting services to ensure that they provide a consistently good user experience to their audience. You see, the problem with traditional web hosting is the fact that server computers are only placed in one data center location and although these computers are very powerful, they can be restricted in a geographical sense in that people who are situated far from the server will not have a pretty good experience.

So, how does this far-from-server scenario translate into the real world? Well, if a person were to access a website from Asia and that website’s server is in the US, then you can expect about 1-2 seconds delay in page loading speeds.

To avoid complications and regrets, you can always go to hosting reviews in Malaysia that would give you an idea of what web host you’re using for your website.

Improves Brand Recognition

Cloud hosting makes use of a web of interconnected servers that are scattered all throughout the planet. Different data centers are placed in strategic locations worldwide to provide a much better service to consumers no matter where they are located.

According to an online report, people who go to e-commerce websites that provides them with a good overall experience will surely get repeat sales as they gain a massive and loyal following.

However, in the same report, if people were not happy with their shopping experience, for example, the website doesn’t load quickly, then those people will most likely not visit the online store anymore as they didn’t have a good experience.

Better Search Engine Rankings

Although SEO algorithms have changed dramatically over the years, plenty of website owners are still employing some SEO strategies of their own in the hopes of getting a much higher rank in the search engine results page or SERP.

Since good overall user experience translates to more and repeated traffic, you can expect your webpage to rank much better than others. Use this to your advantage to not only gain new potential prospects but to also entice your existing customer base to come back to your store again and again.


Providing a good user experience is something that website owners really want to give. You can do that in a variety of ways, but ensuring that your website loads in as little as 3 seconds is something that you should focus on right off the bat.

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