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The Main Reason Why You Need to Learn Swing Trading

Reason Why You Need to Learn Swing Trading

When you go to Betfair and making some trades, it usually operates within a range. This is because you trade based on the notion that the market is either volatile or mature.

That being said, there are two ranges that you need to be aware of. The first is the tight range where there is little variance in the number of ticks in either direction (up or down).

The tight range is best suited for scalpers or active traders as the potential for losing profits is just minimal at best (though you also earn only a few as well).

On the other end of the spectrum is wide or larger range where the ticks often go above 2. This is better for swing traders and most people are actually swing traders as opposed to scalpers. Why is it important for you to learn swing trading?

Why You Need to Learn Swing Trading

The reason why you want to learn swing trading is that you could potentially win a lot. Yes, there is a chance that you will also lose a lot, but losing is rare when you’re swing trading and also to be part of the equity trading.

That is because swing trading is not concerned about the minute changes (1 or 2 ticks to be exact) as that is reserved for scalpers or active traders. Swing traders are more concerned about bigger changes or about 5-10 ticks.

Although it may seem on the surface that it is pretty hard, it actually isn’t. Like I’ve said in previous articles, many Betfair traders are now using the online platform and it is pretty easy to set on the program.

What you need to learn are the Crossover Points. This is the point where the “swing” stops so you can make your lay bets appropriately.

For instance, from 1.01 to 2.00, each tick would be equal to 0.01. From 4.1 to 6.0, each tick is equal to 0.1 lay at 4 ticks.

Again, this might seem too confusing, but the program does a pretty good job of simplifying it.

Final Thoughts

Most people go for swing trading as opposed to scalping when it comes to Betfair because it is not tedious to do since you’re not looking at everything from a per tick basis.

You’re pretty much concerned with bigger “swings” that amount to 5-10 ticks. You have to understand the crossover points or the point where the swing stops so that you can make an appropriate trade.

The Main Reason Why You Need to Learn Swing TradingTo do this, you need to acquire a Betfair trading program that does it for you. Some of them are free to use for a couple of days and those programs, believe me, are pretty much worth it.

If you’re a casual trader who does not want to look at the screen to search for minute ticks, then you definitely need to learn the art of swing trading.

It is pretty enticing because although you can also lose a lot, you’re pretty much winning a lot as well and it is easy to do so, provided that you use this strategy.

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