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The drawbacks of online education

The drawbacks of online education 

Although online education is becoming more and more popular, there are still some disadvantages at present owing to the development of internet technology in which brings about a variety of entertainment needs and desires, for example, online gaming. If you are interested, you can have a quick slot games review for your hobby at free time.  Back to the topic, we hope that the development of online education will become better and better in the future and that these problems can be solved effectively.

  1. The industry is mixed and lacks regulation

The current online education is in a period of development, with a large influx of capital, deep water and many fish, uneven. There are quality and formal institutions, but there are also many institutions that have run away and collapsed. In general, the industry lacks a certain degree of regulation, and the threshold of entry is so low that even any individual with cost support can enter online education. Therefore, the trust level of the whole industry is not high, and students need to examine more when choosing an institution. Of course, this is a problem in the development stage of online education itself. As the industry becomes more and more mature, the industry rules will certainly become more and more perfect.

 2. Lack of necessary emotional communication

In traditional education, the teacher and students are taught face-to-face, so that the teacher can quickly grasp the learning situation and psychological state of the students, and can communicate emotionally in words and actions, and the students can truly feel the humanistic care and timely adjustment of learning state for learning. But online education makes the distance between students and teachers become more distant, students are facing a cold machine, and it is difficult for teachers to enter into the hearts of students, emotional communication still needs face-to-face conversation between people to get, which is also a point that online education is difficult to solve.

 3. Self-directed learning

Although current online education is becoming more and more developed, and some live modes support real-time interaction with video and voice, the learner is still essentially a person on a computer or mobile phone to complete the learning. Learners are people, and people need a real social situation and the ability to work in teams and discuss with each other, which current online education does not yet address well.

 4. High demand for student autonomy

Unlike traditional education, where the teacher is watching the classroom, the teacher has a certain deterrent effect on the students and can substantially help them to take their studies seriously. Online education relies entirely on the autonomy of the students, and it is difficult for the teacher to supervise and deter the students through the Internet, so there is a great correlation between the teaching effect and the students’ learning status. In particular, children aged 0-6 are quite immature physically and psychologically, with no self-awareness of learning and no strong desire to learn, so it is not realistic to rely solely on online education to learn the system.


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