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Poker Seats 101: The Early, Middle and Late Positions

Are you beginning to learn poker? It’s true that poker experts utilize plenty of abbreviations and nicknames around the poker table especially if you are playing at togel singapore. These are wordings many beginner players may not completely understand.

Below are the important concepts you should remember when playing poker. This is for a 10-handed poker table. However, it can also work for a 9-handed one, since the middle positions are mostly together. Also, the other seats are counted out from the dealer.

The Early Poker Positions

The early positions are initial 4 seats from the left side of the big blind. It is mostly called “ep,” during shorthand and in online poker conversations.

Seat Number 1: Straight to the Left Side of the Button

Position Name: Small Blind

Position Abbreviations: sb, SB

The small blind is the first ever position to act in every round. However, it functions second to last during the opening round.

Why is this a bad position? The person in this seat should pay money blind just to be able to maintain the position.

Seat Number 2: Straight to the Left Side of the Small Blind

Position Name: Big Blind

Position Abbreviations: bb, BB

Paying more than the small blind is not really good. However, you can function last, pre-flop. Putting more cash in blind means that you are a forever a loser in this position. What you can do as a responsible player is to try not to lose “a lot.”

Seat Number 3: Straight to the Left of the Big Blind

Position Name: Under the Gun, First Seat (This is Rarely Used)

Position Abbreviations: utg, UTG

This position is called “under the gun,” but, it didn’t really begin with poker. It originated from the medieval ages, when soldiers attacking the palace walls are “under the guns,” literally, of the palace defenders.

Seat Number 4: Straight to the Left of Under the Gun

Position Name: Under the Gun Plus One

Position Abbreviations: UTG+1, utg+1

The Middle Poker Positions

These next 3 positions are called middle positions. Most of the time, they are not called by the specific designations. Sometimes, you would hear someone say “late middle” or “early middle.”

Seat Number 5: Straight to the Left of UTG Plus One

Position Name: Early Middle, Early Middle Position and Under the Gun Plus Two

Position Abbreviations: utg+2, UTG+2

Seat Number 6: Straight to the Left of Under the Gun Plus Two

Position Name: Middle position

Position Abbreviations: mp, MP

Seat Number 7: Straight to the Left of the Middle Position

Position Name: Middle Position, Late Middle, Late Middle Position

Position Abbreviations: MP, mp

This position does not exist in a 9-handed poker game.

The Late Poker Positions

Seat Number 8: Two to the Right Side of the Dealer

Position Name: The Hijack

Position Abbreviations: None known

This is regarded as seat 7 in a 9-handed poker game. Since cutoff and button steals are common, this position becomes recognized as “the hijack.” Why? This is because individuals in this seat hijack the 2 later actions, and steal blinds.

Seat Number 9: Straight to the Right of the Dealer (seat 8 in a nine-handed game)

Position Name: The Cutoff

Position Abbreviations: oo, CO

This is seat 8 in a 9-handed game.

Seat Number 10: The Dealer

Position Name: The Button, On the Button, Dealer, Dealer Button

Position Abbreviations: btn, BTN

This is seat 9 in a 9-handed game. This is probably the best, most advantageous seat in a game of poker.

In a home game, a player knows that he is on the button, since he is holding the deck.

In a casino game, the player will see a plastic disc with the word “Dealer.”

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