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Bonding with Your Baby : 7 Ways to Do It

Breastfeed your newborn.

Breastfeeding is not just about getting the right baby nutrition. When your child snuggles against you to feed, she smells your scent and hears your heartbeat. Skin-to-skin contact, or kangaroo care, while breastfeeding also regulates the heart and breathing rate of your baby. 

Respond to your child’s cries.

Sure, buying baby bibs in Malaysia is one thing of showing your care. But, how can you establish trust between you and your little one? Let her know that you are there for her by responding to her calls and cries.

Spend plenty of extra time in the glider.

Did your baby just fell asleep? Before putting her down on the crib without waking her up, rock back and forth in the dark, quiet room. Once your baby grows up, you will miss these moments.

Look into your little one’s eyes during bottle feeding time. 

Of course, you would want to get credit from all the feedings. By keeping an eye contact with your kid, she would remember what you mean to her, and who you are.

Give her a massages.

Baby massages are important, with lots of staggering benefits. Once you hear her coos and giggles, you will surely feel like a superhero.

Put your mobile phone and tablet away

Don’t worry. Your friends, family and co-workers would understand if it takes quite a while before you can respond to their messages. Leverage on this extra time you have with your kid.

Listen to her heartbeat. 

Do you remember your reaction the first time you heard that sweet sound? Now, you can hear the music that is your baby’s heartbeat anytime you want.

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