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5 Helpful Tips in Choosing the Best Baby Formula

Are you thinking of buying a new batch of baby wipes and baby diapers in Malaysia? Well, you may want to stock up on baby milk formula as well. That is, if you want to feed your little one formula milk. However, physicians prefer that mothers breastfeed. Not all moms can breastfeed, though. While formula milk doesn’t have all the nutrients found on breast milk, it also has plenty of nutrients and vitamins babies need.

Use bottled water to be safe.

Some parents use tap water, but if you are not comfortable with it, just settle with bottled water. You can also boil water, and use that once it has cooled a bit. If you are mixing liquid concentrate or powder with water, focus on the measurements.

Never warm formula milk in the microwave.

If you warm formula milk inside the microwave oven, things would heat up unevenly. What you can do is place the baby milk bottle in a container of hot water for some minutes.

Wash your hands first.

Make sure you have clean hands before preparing your child’s formula milk.

Don’t forget to tilt the milk bottle in the right way.

Tilt the baby milk bottle upward, until the entire nipple is filled with formula. This can help keep the baby from swallowing air. Take note that the child must be able to drink the entire bottle an hour after you prepare it. If there are some unused formula left, throw it way. Feel free to mix milk formulas ahead of time. Just store them inside the refrigerator.

Always consult your physician.

Ask the doctor how much food your baby must consume, and how often. Many infants need 2 to 4 ounces each feeding time, depending on the age and weight.

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