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Is playing games a waste of time? 

Playing games is a waste of time but why are so many people addicted to them? Is playing games a waste of time? Is it really a waste of time to play games? Why do so many people feel that playing games are a waste of time? I want to play games but I think it’s a waste of time, what should I do?

Art which can be cultivated can be pretentious and can allow you to talk and laugh with more people. Games in which there is a lot of history and geography that can enrich your knowledge. Games such as Mega888 can also exercise your hand-eye coordination and improve your intelligence. But in fact, it’s all just a forced answer with some incidental subplot. And why not just graciously admit that Game playing doesn’t have any implication or is useless. 

The term ‘useless’ usually refers to the fact that what it is trying to achieve is meaningless. It’s simple. For example, if you take a stack of books from the shelf to the floor and back again. Like when you make a pact with a friend to see who can stand on one foot for the longest time. Like when you hold your big face and stare out of the window.

If difficult activities are so wonderful, they must point to some kind of goal: the challenge is the achievement of the goal. But the question is this, if the goal itself is good, then the importance of the process of pursuing it is ignored. 

Once successful, the activity is only given instrumental value or seen as a good means to an end. This value at the level of life’s needs can prevent us from noticing the value that the event itself possesses. We may forget the laughter that should have taken place during a game with a friend. that we may forget the peaceful light and the touch of paper during the reading of a book. that we may become so obsessed with the pursuit of abundance in life that we forget that we are living in the present moment.

So when the goal of something is of little use, the choice to do it brings its own value to the fore. So, is there something that is completely useless? Is there something that has no ‘life-needs level’ goal at all, so that we can concentrate on the value of the thing itself? Yes, there is a game.

It could not be clearer in the game that the goal of the game does not have intrinsic value.  For games, the goal is supposed to be unimportant. This “unimportance” is what makes the game so valuable. 


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