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Scuba diving has attracted people since they found a living world beneath the seas, making it one of the world’s fastest growing extreme sports, and many find it to be exciting and energetic for the deep waters fans out there! Every year, millions of people go scuba diving, whether for a course, an introduction dive, or because they already have their diving license, specifically the open water course. Scuba diving, on the other hand, is mostly performed to feel the attraction of the unattainable oceanic realm. We simply cannot breathe underwater, which is one part of nature that humans have yet to understand completely, therefore scuba diving allows us to encounter the undersea environment, albeit for a limited time. 

scuba diving

However, there are things you should know as a scuba diver, even when you are an experienced one:


This plays a very important role in the art of scuba diving, even among those who have experienced and mastered scuba diving before. All you have to do to perfect your buoyancy is practice, practice, practice on every dive. In a basic concept, you should Inhale to go up and exhale to go down. This is one of the most crucial abilities a diver can learn, and as for the depth talk, they can only utilize the BCD (Buoyancy Compensator) to compensate for changes in how deep you want to go in the underwater. 

Pay Attention To The Briefing

Before diving your way into the best scuba diving locations, it is essential to take every word that the instructor is saying about scuba diving. Nothing is more frustrating than a diver who fails to pay attention to the dive guide’s briefing and ends up getting lost or ruining the dive because he doesn’t know what to do. Simply just sharpen your ears and listen – easy as that.

Dive Gear Preparation

Your diving gear is what keeps you alive in the ocean later on. Take care of your diving equipment, and your equipment will take care of you. Do not skimp on dive equipment upkeep. If you haven’t had your equipment checked in a while or are filled with insecurity if your gear is enough for that first dive, check up with your instructor or read through guides on getting ready before diving to meet some friendly aquatics. You will walk out to the shore alive this way.

Keep Your Limits In Check, No Pressure

No puns intended, but this is, in fact, a serious business that should not be overlooked. Even if there is a compelling cause to go that deep or dive that deep, you should never go beyond what you believe you can dive or what you have been trained to dive. DCI is the only thing that can truly come from this. Despite the thrill and the extreme adrenaline that follows suit, is it really worth the risk simply to dig a little deeper? And, if it is that cool down there, why not obtain the necessary training?

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Alicia Dixon

Alicia Dixon