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Why You Should Live In Cyberjaya?

Are you finally planning to move out of your parents’ home? Have you ever considered moving to Cyberjaya? Cyberjaya is a developing city in Selangor. Known as the science city of Selangor, there are many reasons you should consider living in Cyberjaya. 


Less Traffic Congestion

Unlike the other major cities in Selangor, you do not need to worry about getting stuck in traffic congestion for hours in Cyberjaya. The roads in Cyberjaya are less confusing as compared to the roads in Petaling Jaya. This makes driving easy since you will not lose track of the road that you are supposed to be driving on. Not only that, the road space in Cyberjaya is bigger than the ones in Kuala Lumpur or Petaling Jaya because more space is available there for roads to be built, unlike in Kuala Lumpur where the priority was given to build more residential properties. If you hate getting stuck in traffic for hours on the way back home, maybe you should consider renting or buying a property at Cyberjaya. 

Cheaper Rent or Mortgage Value

The property value in Cyberjaya is way cheaper if compared to other cities in Selangor. You can even rent a whole apartment for yourself instead of renting a tiny room if you are moving to Cyberjaya. This is because the value of the property and rent is cheaper and more affordable for fresh graduates that have just recently started working. You can even rent or buy a studio apartment for yourself. Newlyweds that are planning to move out of their family houses, you can consider living in Cyberjaya because you can live in a quiet environment away from family stresses. 

Green City

Cyberjaya is known as a green city with huge gardens and parks being built around it. For a quiet weekend, you can even hang out at the park to get some fresh air away from your normal busy weekdays. You can even go to the cafes in the parks for a delicious cup of coffee. If you were ever interested in living in a place that is not chaotic or noisy like other cities in Selangor and Kuala Lumpur, then you should really consider living in Cyberjaya. 

More Space

Since Cyberjaya is still under development, there is still more space that is still available for residential and other types of property construction. You can even get a bigger house that is more affordable as compared to buying a medium-sized house in Petaling Jaya or Kuala Lumpur. Since more spaces are available in your house, you can even renovate it or redecorate it as you like. 


These are the main reasons you should consider living in Cyberjaya. If you are interested in getting a property that is affordable and nice then you should really consider Cyberjaya as your location. If you have any friends living in Cyberjaya, you can even ask them why they like living there and we are sure that these reasons will be included in their statements and blog posts

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