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We never know when will any bad things happen to us. When it is time, the event will just flash before your eyes and you know that it is what it is. Living in a world where criminals can go undetected, bullies are free to spend the day like normal people. People who practise violence against other people are looked upon by their supporters while they damage the weaker people. No one is safe living in a world where people can just engage in the violent act and attack you on purpose. Recently, a Muslim family of 5 have been injured badly in a hate crime of Islamophobia in Canada. The doer has had it all planned out and the car crash has caused the four of them died on the scene whereas the youngest child in the car is receiving treatment due to his bad injuries. In Malaysia, hate crime and racism have been targeted at Malaysian Indians, and most of them died at the hand of police brutality. 

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When it comes to violent acts, there is no exception to whoever needs training for it. However, it can be a disadvantage for women because they are not physically ready for such involuntary and unexpected thing to happen. That is why it is advised for everyone including women to practise self-defence. Self-defence goes both ways: physically and mentally. In order to strengthen our physical condition, we first need to have a great mind and mental state that can reassure and convince our body to do what is out of the norm, to be a part of life. When we talk about the mind and its strength, you will be surprised to see what your brain itself can do to send signals to your whole body to do. It gives you a great amount of confidence to be yourself and navigate life at your own pace. When you have a strong mind and control over it, no one can tell you how to live your life. You can do whatever you like despite being a girl. If you are into anything but people tend to say it is not for you, you just need to power through and do it yourself. For example, we all know how gambling is an infamous thing to do in between guys but there is nothing wrong for girls to do so as well. You can easily check out best online mega888 download in malaysia to start playing and engaging in the gambling world. 

When you have strong control of your mental condition, you will be able to improve your self-defence physically even better. This is vital for anyone who lives alone because it cannot be helped that predators tend to prey on those who are on their own because it is stereotyped as being weak and easier to tackle down. However, if you have been practising self-defence acts, you will absolutely get over this all by yourself. Everyone should take care of themselves but that does not mean we should leave any rooms for criminals.

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