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Technology and Humanity

Technology and humanity 

The impact of science and technology on human life is manifested in many ways, both beneficial and detrimental.

On the one hand, the progress and popularity of science and technology have provided mankind with new ways of understanding the outside world and itself, bringing enormous benefits and advantages, providing mankind with new means of spreading ideas and culture, giving a new vehicle for the construction of spiritual civilisation, which is of great significance in enriching people’s spiritual life, renewing their ideology and dispelling superstitions. Patlite audible products are one of the products in modern technological development. 

On the other hand, while enjoying the many conveniences brought by science and technology, mankind has also become acutely aware of the negative impact that technology has had on our lives, bringing us problems that seem to be equally overwhelming and increasingly plunging us into an existential dilemma that is difficult to extricate ourselves from, even if we have to pay twice the price and double the amount of backfill in order to recover the collapse and destruction behind those enhancements and improvements.

I feel that this development is a blessing for humanity as a whole and a curse for individual humans. The trend of technology seems to be to gradually put humans into captivity, and life now looks primed to reflect this. The development of technology is like a farm that allows chickens to be stable and maximise their reproduction. Technology is a blessing for the chicken family, but it is bad luck for individual chickens in any way. Although they live a comfortable life, the original chickens were able to fly freely in the sky, and at that time they ate fresh game and mountain products every day, and their life was both exciting and enjoyable; now they can only spend their short life in a small indoor area, eating junk food, and the saddest thing is that every chicken is defined at birth as an ingredient for its existence.

Throughout human history, which can be traced back to our ancestors ten thousand years ago, blessings and misfortunes have followed each other, and in order to survive indefatigably, through countless trials and tribulations, mankind seems to have become stronger and stronger, and eventually became the master of the earth, but with the development of technology, mankind’s demands on the earth are endless, and the earth seems to be increasingly overburdened. In the past, human beings worked at sunrise and rested at sunset, living in harmony with nature, simple and happy. Nowadays, however, technology is becoming more and more advanced and man’s desires are expanding, but the relationship with nature is getting worse and worse. Will the earth one day become overwhelmed and abandon mankind?

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