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honeymoonFor centuries, a honeymoon has been viewed as the next step in your wedding such as something to be crossed off the checklist. However, that is not true. A honeymoon is actually the beginning of your married life. There are many that would not want to go for a honeymoon because they believe that since they are already married, they could go on a holiday anytime and there is no rush in going for a honeymoon right after your wedding. This is where you are wrong. A honeymoon is vital since whatever happens during then will set the foundation for your married life. Listed are a few reasons why you should go for a honeymoon and it could open your eyes to booking one soon, right after your wedding. 

  • Honeymoon helps you bond with your partner better away from your normal busy routine. It can create an intimacy between you and will help you adjust better with your partner before you live together in the same house as husband and wife. This is because both of you will be in a new environment and it will help create a more relaxed environment for both of you. 


  • You can create new memories away with just the two of you as newlyweds. This is because when you are travelling together to new places alone with each other, you can experience the holiday from each other’s perspective. At the same time, the sense of adventure will bring you closer to each other. You should also learn to spend some time with your significant other when you are still young rather than planning for a holiday post-retirement.


  • A honeymoon can also ensure that you have uninterrupted time with each other. If you were to not go for a honeymoon after your wedding, you will get sucked back into your busy routine, family matters or even friends gathering which might take you away from your partner often. This could lead to dissatisfaction even at the beginning of your married life. By going on a honeymoon, you can spend as much time as you want with your partner with no interruption. This could help you create a stronger bond and intimacy with your partner, which could lead to a happy married life.


  • Honeymoon is all about making love with each other. You can spend hours or days with each other doing that in a beautiful environment. This could promote intimacy between both of you. In addition, you can also learn about sexual life boundaries like the dos and the don’ts that both you and your partner are comfortable with. Nor learning about this at the beginning of the marriage is very important since frustration in sexual life affects a marriage badly which might eventually in future could lead to spousal cheating. 

Besides, you can also check out online sex toy Malaysia to get your favourite sex toys that can add more fun to your honeymoon. If you recently got married but have yet to book a honeymoon, hopefully, this article has opened your eyes to why you should book for a honeymoon as soon as possible.

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