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How to Determine Construction Type

When it comes to designing a structure, the construction type is chosen based upon several things, such:

Purpose of the structure – Let’s say that you want to build a detached garage to house an extra vehicle, a boat, and lawn equipment. In designing it, you wouldn’t need a structure that will support multiple floors, although you could include a room upstairs so that heavy construction methods won’t be required.

Size of the structure – When building something more significant than a garage or a house, say a grocery store or car dealer showroom, a heavier construction type would be the choice. We’re talking open floor spaces without columns or inner walls, and long spans of metal truss supported roofing.

Load bearing constraints – As buildings grow in height, the structure loads must bear the increase. With that, the construction type must be strong enough to handle these loads. In this case, wood will probably not be the best choice for a structure with numerous floor levels.

Environmental Factors – If you’ve ever driven along a coastline, you’ve probably seen that the buildings are elevated to shelter the structure from tidal surges. Buildings in earthquake-prone areas also require that the appropriate construction type be used. Too stiff a system and it cannot flex during the tremors.

Necessary Speed of Construction – If your building needs to be put up rapidly, construction types can speed up the building process. These construction methods utilize pre-engineered methods, allowing significant parts to be dropped off at the construction site and quickly erected.

Cost of Materials – Of course, the cost of materials comes into play when choosing a construction type. There’s no need to spend money on an overbuilt structure. Simply google building materials online Malaysia and you will find the cheapest options.

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