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Activity To Do With Your Friends 


Sometimes when you are hanging out with your friends, you want to do something fun together but you have no idea what to do. Thus, you and your friends will end up laying together and scrolling through your phone. Well, here is some fun activities idea that you can do with your friends while hanging out. 


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Movie Marathon

This is probably the simple yet the best thing that you and your friends can do together. Put on some of your favorite movies and gather all of your favorite snacks and just lay around to binge-watch the movies together. You can do a horror movies marathon, Harry Potter movies marathon, or whatever that suits you and your friends. 


Art and Craft 

Other than watching movies, it’s always fun to play around and make some arts and crafts with your friends. You can use this time to spend time with each other and try to make something beautiful and artsy. It can be crocheting a scarf for each other or paint each other’s faces. 


Cook A Meal 

What group of friends doesn’t like to gather around and eat good food all the time? The answer is no because everyone loves to eat a good and delicious meal. So, now that you and your friends are hanging together but don’t know what to do, you can use these opportunities to make a great and fabulous meal together. Instead of going outside and eat at a restaurant, you can have fun together while cooking a meal for you and your friends. 



The best way to gamble is when you are with your friends. Because they’ll surely hype you up and tell you what to do and it’ll be just a great time with them. Drinking cocktail while gambling together at a casino. But if you and your friends don’t want to go outside you can still enjoy a good time gambling by playing any online casino like slot game Malaysia. 


Spa Day 

Put on some scented candles and good music, and you and your friends can wear a face mask while having the best time of your life relaxing. Especially if you are your girlfriends want to have a totally relaxing and peaceful day, having a spa day is really one of the best ideas to spend time with each other without wasting any energy. 


Going To A Picnic 

Nowadays people love to go on a picnic trip with their loved ones. Where you can dress up, and prepare a delicious meal like a sandwich and cake and also have fun doing activities like taking pictures, painting, doodling, etc. In this beautiful weather that we have, take this chance to go on a picnic trip with your friends to somewhere beautiful and sunny where you can all wear something cute and take pictures with each other. 


Board Games 

Another fun activity that you can do with your friends is playing board games with them. Prepare any board games that you have like Monopoly or Life and also prepare snacks that you can eat while playing. This is surely one of the best activities that you can do with them. 

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